Empathic parenting and the fear of tears

There are many pages on the web talking about empathic parenting, and whether my definition of the term matches up with theirs is beyond my scope of giving a crap. When I personally use this expression, it is a ‘what it says on the tin’ job. Parenting with empathy; that is all. I believe that can manifest itself in many different forms. No two empathic parents will necessarily look or behave the same.


As I move forward into my next parenting chapter I find myself reflecting on my fear of tears and wondering what other empathic parents’ experiences are with this. How do you balance your own emotional needs as a parent with those of your child?

How do you come to terms with your child’s cries when you can feel how much pain they are in at that moment in time? Or how do you avoid it and cope? How does empathic parenting work in your household, in your family?