(Empathic Parenting) A Skills-Building Workshop

Empathic Parenting – A Skills-Building Workshop
Part One of Three 

Natasha Ufema 

  • 1. EMPATHIC PARENTING A Skills-Building Workshop Part One© 2014 Natasha Ufema, LPC , Family First Counseling Services
  • 2. EMPATHIC PARENTING All mammals are social animals (including humans).
  • 3. EMPATHIC PARENTING All mammals rely on each other to get their basic needs met. Wolves hunt in packs. . .
  • 4. EMPATHIC PARENTING Kittens and puppies rely on their mothers for protection and nourishment.
  • 5. EMPATHIC PARENTING Reptiles (lizards) and amphibians (frogs) are lower on the food chain because they are solitary creatures. Mammals have flourished because there is safety in numbers.
  • 6. EMPATHIC PARENTING You’re wondering what this science lesson has to do with being an effective parent.
  • 7. EMPATHIC PARENTING Because Mammals (including humans) depend on others for safety and nourishment, we have developed ways of communicating these needs to our caregivers. Our “significant others”.
  • 8. EMPATHIC PARENTING A baby elephant trapped in a pool of mud will trumpet for hours until his mother finds him.
  • 9. EMPATHIC PARENTING When a human mother hears the cries of her baby, her breast milk will “let down” (become immediately available).
  • 10. EMPATHIC PARENTING Without EMPATHY (“feeling” the needs of our offspring), Mammals would have never become the most prolific species on earth.