(Empathic Leadership) Forbes: 6 Powerful Traits Of People Who Inspire Others To Become Their Best 

Millions of people want to make a big difference, but can they? Here are 6 critical traits of those who inspire others.


They have deep empathy for others

In my former work as a therapist and now as a coach, I’ve seen that millions of people around the globe have suffered at the hands of narcissists, or from mentally disordered or morally-corrupt individuals — either in their families, upbringing, or in their professional lives.


In my view, the most crushing aspect of narcissistic behavior is the total lack of empathy.


It’s very scary (and damaging) to be in relationship with someone who is totally incapable of empathy, because they’ll do anything to you and against you without remorse. They simply cannot put themselves in your shoes or understand or accept what you feel.


On the flip side, those who inspire us to be better are fully capable of experiencing empathy, and they openly express their ability to understand our personal “stories” and who we really are and what we feel, deep down.  


 Kathy Caprino