(Empathic Edcucation) Every Child Practicing Empathy | Ashoka.org

The world is changing—faster than ever before—from a society run by elites to a society in which everyone can be a changemaker. In this new world, empathy is one of the most important skills. Empathy is foundational to the ability to resolve conflict, collaborate in teams, align interests, listen effectively, and make decisions where there are no rules or precedents—to solve problems and drive change. 

Ashoka’s Empathy Initiative is a collaborative platform for social entrepreneurs, educators, and concerned citizens whose ideas and talents can contribute to the creation of a world where every child practices empathy. We are bringing together a global network of Ashoka Fellows and other partners to work towards a society in which learning empathy is as fundamental as reading and math; where parents insist that their children develop empathy; and where institutions cultivate empathy learning and practice.