Empathic Design Workshop – Final Summary Report – 2015-09-19


The workshop inspired a lot of great ideas, particularly around the idea that

  • 1) empathy is an ongoing skill that you can never “master” and
  • 2) empathy takes different forms.

Further, it became clear how much we need to treat intellectual empathy versus shared empathy differently, and that closing that gap is deeply important.


I am impressed how people who never met before could develop so much trust, ideas and engagement. I am thankful for Edwin guidance.


I felt very good about having discovered what has always bugged me about the empathy circle — my inability to actually relate to anybody’s experience by just listening and reflecting back what they said. I wasn’t focused on how they truly felt but on what they said and what they thought. I was focused on understanding what they were trying to convey. I felt inspired about actually developing a tool that could address this problem. Reflecting back in a metaphor.


felt a bit rushed at the end. I really enjoyed the final design challenge of the bridging the gap of intellectual empathy  and feeling.. If we can get into the feelings more, that will make the empathy circle much more engaging.