Empathic Design: Empathy Team 6 Report



The meeting started with a completely wide open goal and as we progressed through the 6 of us leading our own tasks, our goal became clearer. Then we planned out a way to research our problem so that we may act upon it. 


In Empathy Team 6, we moved into another stage of the design course which was planning our research in the inspiration phase. We worked through the step by step sections of Class 2 which gave us guidance and a clear structure to follow. I noticed how some participants had confusion about what we were doing in the course, but it seemed to turn to greater clarity and excitement in the end.

My most excitement and energy came from taking the original design challenge, that other participants didn’t feel terribly excited about, and translating that into a design challenge that had more energy and excitement for everyone. 

The final challenge was, How might we redesign the Empathy Circle to be more fun and engaging in education for high school?


In today’s meeting we began by writing our intentions and holding an empathy circle as usual. Afterwards we moved on into the planning and progression of the formation of our design project to bring empathy circles to students in high school. Once we were able to narrow down the focus of the project we worked on figuring out who we could go to for research and where we could go to test things out.

I’m happy with the progress we’ve made this week and hope to see even more next week.


I feel like this meeting was very constructive.  It’s very exciting to move into the next stage of our design planning.  It will be interesting to compare notes from our various interviews.  

Narrowing our target audience made me feel hopeful.


This meeting went from a wide open challenge on redesigning the EC to foster a more empathic way of being to a more focused one in education. Restricting the age range of the EC audience made the challenge seem more feasible, impactful, and exciting given the constraints. Moreover, it remains true to the original challenge of fostering a more empathic way of being. I like the process as it is unfolding. 

What if this way of connecting, relating, and problem solving spread from the few to the many?

I wonder how we might promote more of this….

I enjoyed narrowing our goals down to something more simple so that we now have a plan.