Empathic Design: Empathy Team 6 Meeting Report – 2015-10-05

Today we focused on coming up with new ideas to help modify the EC to be more appealing to teens. As we continued working we further refined and streamlined our ideas until we had a more focused view of our goal and how to achieve it. Next time we will come back with even more progress.

What an amazing brainstorming session we had today!!  One great idea led to another great one, which made today’s session extremely successful and re-energizing!  It was so successful it made it quite difficult to select from a plethora of amazing ideas!!  : )  The time just flew with this new excitement and energy.  

We went into the prototyping phase and it took a lot of time to do the brainstorming.. We didn’t stick with a firm time frame for the brainstorming so it went on longer and took up a lot of time. However this seemed important to do.  We ran out of time to do the full prototyping phase but we came up with the idea that each person prototypes their idea that they felt excited about.

 This part really needs more than 3 hours to do well. We had the idea of organizing the brainstorming ideas into a outline. I like that idea to start giving shape and organization to ideas, stories, interviews, etc that we are generating. 

Today we started brainstorming ideas that we can implement into two of our HMW statements. There were so many fantastic ideas! It was hard to choose 2 favorite ideas to roll with because they were all so high quality. Homework will include making any amount of progress on our chosen ideas and presenting them next week. Which I am extremely excited about!


Today, we brainstormed on SPEED, and found many components to include in EC’s
for teens. It was hard to select just one to prototype, so we are working on more than one to integrate and synthesize in future meetings. I am excited about all the ideas we are developing for next time. YAY!