Empathic Critique: Using empathic critique to foster the culture of collaborative discovery in studio art classe

Are you an art teacher that avoids critique sessions? Art teachers tell me that they are skipping the critique because it has been a negative experience. How much learning are your students missing?

Empathic critique is collaboration,
not competition. Empathic class critique
in studio art is not a debate session.

It is a hunt for visual effects, meaning, purpose, and new ideas. All participants are acting in their own best interest by being their naturally helpful selves. Competition is replaced by mutual discovery.

In addition to facilitating art learning, the empathic critique culture helps students rediscover their basic relationship intelligence.

They learn to leverage their own natural goodness and helpful instinct to intuit how to make the world a better place. In place of defensiveness and conflict, they experience the mutual benefits of cooperatively hunting and gathering good ideas. What may have been feared as mistakes, become coveted discoveries that promote new insights and learning.

by Marvin Bartel 


Gabriel Cornelius von Max,   Monkeys as Judges of Art