Empathic Communication: The Missing Link (English Edition) eBook: Lisbeth Holter Brudal: Amazon.de: Kindle-Shop

This is book about empathy and communication. Empathy – the ability to recognize other people’s feelings and intentions – is an innate ability.

To communicate – to participate in dialogue, seek contact, and engage in interaction with others – is an innate need. There is strong evidence that the ability to empathize is partially linked to a specific type of nerve cells in the brain. These cells are called “mirror neurons”.

Neurobiological research shows that the mirror neuron system makes it possible for us to replicate and recognize other people’s feelings and intentions. The cells also affect our capacity for self-reflection. The innate potential for empathy in a human being can be developed early in a human being through the caregiver’s ability to communicate, build a relationship, and meet the child’s inner need for contact.

The book describes a special communication tool, empathic communication, built on the understanding of communication which is described above.