Ebola, Malaria and Our Empathy Deficit

“Empathy is the antidote we need to create a world where we embrace a philosophy of ‘You are, therefore I am.'”

Point taken. But I’d argue that a key reason why we don’t focus our attention on infrastructure is because we lack empathy for the people in the places where these diseases are worst.

Drugs are a quick way to allow us — No.1 — to make money and be safe for our short-term excursions. Building a true health care infrastructure for disease prevention means we would have to listen compassionately to the needs of the communities where we as foreigners are entering into, and the root of this is plain and simple: caring.

We would have to authentically and deeply care. Intent doesn’t always matter, but in this case it does. Our lack of empathic intent is one key reason why focusing on health care infrastructure (even within our own country) hasn’t been a priority.

Cameron Conaway