Dominic Barter

‘Restorative Circles’ are the work of Dominic Barter, a British ex-pat now a resident of Brazil. Dominic’s early development work with

Credit: nutriredes

Restorative Circles began in the favelas of Brazil, where government regulated forms of justice were absent. The justice system available was violent and socially costly within the favelas, and often more so if outside authorities were called in.

Seeking a sustainable alternative he worked with the people of the favelas and developed ‘Restorative Circles’. Officials became aware, as they tend to when an alternative justice system moves in, but the efficacy of the work could not be denied. Restorative Circles are now a part of the formal Brazilain Justice system and a part of popular Brazilian culture.

Dominic has generously shared his work, providing facilitation training on a number of continents at great personal cost. We are forever grateful for his contribution to our lives and for his vision of Nonviolent, non-punitive social justice.