DLDwomen2012: About Priming Sex and Empathy

About Priming, Sex, and Empathy  
Tania Singer (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences).


36:00 – Empathy, Compassion and Plasticity
Social Neuroscience – a new field
     social brain

38:00 difference between Empathy and Compassion
      how to train it
39:00 Definitions of Empathy
      Emotional contagion
     laughing (video)
   Stress –
    we are interconnect being
Emotional contagion – this is not empathy yet
    catch it like a virus
      You have pain and I share your pain – Self other distinction
Difference between empathy and compassion
      Empathy is a precursor and is good but if you have to much
     you can go into distress.
     go into closing down
What we want to have is compassion


more about Tania Singe and transcripts
http://j.mp/O4jpw8 ;