Discovering the Roots of Social Interaction

How does all of this explain Empathy & Cooperation?

Our mind-body is wired for empathy, but requires developmental growth, not stopping at childhood, but continuing on through adulthood. We can become disconnected along the path, through any number of reasons relating to genetics, upbringing, social interaction or cultural influence, causing us to inhibit our concern for others.


The good news is that we have the ability to take conscious control over our empathetic reactions, for evolution has given us a plastic neural architecture which have the ability to rewire.


Many culturally learned practices have enabled us to have the ability to leverage these practices gain control over our Reaction modes! We have the ability to engage in emotional-social self-development through self-conscious effort, which begins with healing the body, then mind, then soul.

The wonderful beauty of it is that we can begin this transformation by becoming consciously re-engaged in Empathy for ourselves, beginning the process of healing ourselves by seeking out cultural/spiritually learned best practices towards engaging mindfully, paying attention to our body and our body’s reactions as we learn to train our mind-body to avoid, approach and attach without deficit or dysfunction.


David Eric Larson