Discover Your Capacity For Empathy With Poverty Simulations

With 50 million Americans living in poverty, odds are you know someone affected. A poverty simulation can help you gain empathy and inspire you to help.


A good poverty simulation though, can help you gain true empathy for the millions of people who suffer from poverty right in your community. In-depth poverty simulations will force you to live on your own for several days without access to your funds. You’ll sleep outside, wear donated clothing, and try to make enough money just to feed yourself by trying to find odd jobs or begging on the streets. You’ll also do service outreach for people who are in the very situation you’re trying to replicate. Ultimately, it doesn’t truly give you a picture of how terrifying poverty can be, because you’ll know that at the end of the project, you’ll get to sleep safely in your own bed (which will probably feel like one of the world’s best places to sleep after several days on the streets). But it certainly will help you access levels of empathy that may inspire you to make a real long-term difference through community outreach.