Designing with Empathy in Ecommerce

Where empathic design improves sites
Developed in the 90s, empathic design has become the first step in the design thinking process for many. In it, a designer will study customer feelings and perceptions to determine which ideas lead to the best user-centered design.

Designing with empathy can be challenging. it requires discipline, reflection and experience. To design with empathy, you need to check your personal preferences—and your ego—before working closely with a brand on a new design. It also means using the technical experience you’ve gained as a designer, coupled with an understanding of how the latest trends can help a brand meet an established goal.


Finally, designing with empathy requires an understanding of how technology can help or hinder design—you’ve got to be able to translate big ideas into a design that fits within the confines of your specific ecommerce platform.

Tyler Westnedge