Designing for a Human-Centered Community: immersion process of human-centered design enables empathy

I was recently blind for five minutes and felt as though my eyes had never been more open. I didn’t have some freak accident or momentary medical issue; I was participating in a mini human-centered design challenge at an event hosted and NY+Acumen to introduce basic concepts of human-centered design.

In addition to putting humans at the center of product and systems design, we need to bring back human-centered community.

The immersion process of human-centered design enables empathy, which as Reboot, the social impact design firm says, “enables the insights that drive breakthrough solutions;” but it also enables happiness, personal fulfillment and a greater sense of community.

So why not put ourselves in the shoes of our friends, families and communities and bring empathy and humanity back to the center of our products, services and personal connections?

by Chloe Sharfin

image: The Sense of Touch byJusepe de Ribera