Culture of Empathy Builder: Jesse Prinz

Jesse Prinz is Distinguished Professor at City University of New York, Graduate Center. He says “I work primarily in the philosophy of psychology, broadly construed. I am interested in how the mind works. I think philosophical accounts of the mental can be fruitfully informed by findings from psychology, the neurosciences, anthropology, and related fields. My theoretical convictions are unabashedly empiricist. I hope to resuscitate core claims of British Empiricism against the backdrop of contemporary philosophy of mind and cognitive science.”


Jesse wrote a couple of papers critical of empathy titled, ‘Against Empathy‘ and Is Empathy Necessary for Morality?‘  His work has been referenced by other articles critical of empathy like The Baby in the Well, The case against empathy bPaul Bloom in The New Yorker and ‘The Limits of Empathy‘ by David Brooks in the New York Times.