Cultivating Empathy — Social Edge

‘The ability to identify with another person’s feelings.’’ That is how Mary Gordon’s organization, Roots of Empathy, defines the elemental but elusive human quality that gives the group its name. Empathy is a simple concept, which is actually why it has such potential to change the world.



Daniel, I agree. And I love the idea of an infrastructure of empathetic people. I often speak about the idea of critical mass. To a physicist a critical mass is the amount of radioactive material that must be present for a nuclear reaction to become self-sustaining. For the service movement a critical mass is when the service habit hits enough people so that it can begin to spread spontaneously around the county. Like an outbreak of a positive infection, where everyone is a carrier. What we need to do is go out and carry this positive infection, so that together we can reach that critical mass.


And thank you for introducing me to the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy! 
Posted by Arianna Huffington