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Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication is based on the work of Dr Marshall B Rosenberg. Dr Rosenberg pioneered a model he called Nonviolent Communication (NVC) or Compassionate Communication. NVC is currently in use in over 65 countries around the world. It is being used in war zones and entrenched conflict areas such as the Middle East to broker peace were war was the accepted norm. It had its roots in the pioneering work Marshall did de-segregating racially segregated schools in the USA.

Even though the technology is remarkably powerful in dealing with violent conflict it’s within our own communities and our own lives that it’s gained its greatest popularity.

Through well-established programs of training, we are able to lead participants to understand how they can express their human needs, and hear the needs of others in ways that dramatically increase the likelihood of those needs being met.

In truth, doing this is our natural state, however, our traditional education does not equip us well to express this natural, non-violent way of being in the world. Instead, we have learnt life-alienating ways of communicatinging with ourselves and others and far too often, fail to develop a literacy of life-serving language. The cost of this is enormous to us individually and in our organisations and societies.

Programs ranging from three hours to 9 days and applicable to a wide variety of groups are available via a network of trainers. The training process is experiential, trans-formative, and empowering.

If you’re interested in any of our training programs please contact us via the contact link above.