Compassion: The Best Kept Secret to Happiness by Emma M. Seppala, Ph.D.

How compassion is the best kept secret to being happy, healthy, wealthy and wise…

Compassion Makes You Happy

A brain-imaging study headed by neuroscientist Jordan Grafman from the National Institute of Health showed that the “pleasures centers” in the brain, i.e. the parts of our brains that are active when we experience pleasure (like dessert, money, sex) are equally active when we observe someone giving money to charity as when we receive money ourselves! Giving to others even increases well-being above and beyond spending money on ourselves. In a revealing experiment published in Science by Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton, participants received a sum of money…  At the end of the study, participants that had spent money on others felt significantly happier than those that had spent money on themselves.


by Emma M. Seppala, Ph.D.


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