Compassion: putting action into empathy

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Compassion is empathy put in action. Not only do you empathize by showing you understand what someone must be feeling but you show compassion by doing something to help alleviate that situation. At home you would take a spouse or child out for a treat. At work you could buy the team lunch after finishing a gruelling project.

2. Use compassion to soften your words. Tone can make or break trust in relationships. Your child or spouse opens up and speaks more freely because of the soft, caring tone to your words. At work an unhappy or confused employee will also open up with this same approach.

3. Compassion builds engagement. The act of putting empathy into action sends a powerful message to both work and personal families. This builds engagement which is key for successful families. 


Phyllis Reid-Jarvis