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Although compassion is a cornerstone of every major faith in the world, it is also a secular and universal human value. Compassion is essential to our safe and caring schools and community.


Compassion gives us the ability to feel with others and brings us into the presence of something greater than ourselves. It helps us to address the issues that we face both locally and globally. Compassion is fundamental to devloping socially responsible citizens who can address the global challenges we face.


Secondary Lessons Plans about the Charter for Compassion


The Charter for Compassion
Lesson on the Charter for Compassion
Lesson on Karen Armstrong
Rubric for Charter and Karen Armstrong Lesson
Ideas for English Language Arts Curriculum Connections
Digital Expression Lesson: Is Compassion Necessary?  
Digital Expression iMovie-Making Rubric

Additional Secondary Lesson Plans for Exploring the


Topic of Compassion

Developing Empathy
Drama Unit Plan on Compassion
Science 8 Water Bottles
Universal Responsibility