Compassion Conferences in 2015

Compassionate Wellbeing‘s first conference will explore the relationship between spirituality and wellbeing. Featuring a fresh range of contemporary academic research alongside personal and practitioner accounts, this conference seeks to illuminate how spiritual experience and practise can facilitate healing and enhance wellbeing.

Panels featured will look at mindfulness, meditation and compassion practise; extraordinary experiences; life difficulties and spiritual experience; religious experience and ritual; and spiritual life journeys and transformative experience….

Keynote Speakers

  • Karen Armstrong – Author, TED prize winner
  • Ruth Padel – Poet and Author, Great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin

Speakers and Workshop Leads

  • John Ballatt and Penny Campling – Authors “Intelligent Kindness”
  • Keith Barrow – Leader, Shropshire Council
  • Joan Brown-Campbell – Chair, Charter for Compassion, USA
  • Clare Gerada – Past-Chair, Royal College of General Practice
  • Paul Gilbert – Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Derby 
  • Mohamed Keshavjee – Scholar and Author
  • Tori McClure – President, Spalding University, USA
  • Mervyn Morris – Professor, Community Mental Health, Birmingham City University
  • Patrick Pietroni – Director, CPTPC University of Chester
  • Rod Thomson – Public Health Director, Shropshire