Compassion Cannot Be Forced

The great moral argument of the left is that the government policies they advocate create a fairer and more compassionate world. Everything they advocate flows from the overt assumption that if you want a fair and compassionate society, their policies of forced fairness and compassion are for you; and, conversely, if you don’t support their policies, then you by that fact itself cannot want a fair and compassionate society.


That is the logic they present us with, and many on the left go to great lengths to prevent anybody from looking into whether or not those policies actually deliver on their stated goals.


We who value our founding principles of individual liberty often focus on the policies themselves and the people who support them, attacking the communists, the socialists, the fascists, the leftists, the progressives, or the liberals because their policies serve to undermine our freedom.


by Joel F. Wade, Ph.D.  author of Mastering Happiness.Mastering Happiness Compassion Helping People Versus