Childcare Connection Trust Develops Innovative Method for Teaching Children Empathy

The Children Massaging Children (CMC) programme has been developed in New Zealand by the Childcare Connection Trust, a registered charity. Most people would react with surprise or disbelief at the concept of empathy being taught in schools; however, this idea is more than mere wishful thinking. The idea of teaching children empathy has been the subject of extensive research in New Zealand and also the focus of at least two Master’s degree theses in Poland.

Eva Scherer

Child Connection 

Child Connection is a registered charity that aims to introduce Children Massaging Children(CMC) program into the education and health systems in order to reduce stress, decrease depression and violence and prevent social pathologies. 

We stand for the fundamental right of all children to feel closeness and belonging – an essential and basic factor for their life, health and well-being. Our programmes teach Peace and Empathy in the purest way.


Video  Child Connection Trust
 Child Connection Trust is a charity which aims to introduce touch and massage programmes into education system as a prevention for family violence , child abuse and other social pathologies. Our programmes teaches Peace and Empathy in purest form. For more information please visit