Chelsea Manning and The Power of Empathy

WikiLeaks editor and journalist Sarah Harrison, who assisted the safe passage of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, pointed to empathy as one reason behind her courageous act.

She said, “someone had done something so brave, and they should be supported …I felt an empathy, a natural human empathy, and wished to support”. Julian Assange, who  was also involved in this effort noted empathy as a reason to support his bid for asylum.

He described how he personally sympathized with his situation, especially after watching what Manning had gone through…

Empathy is a primary evolutionary force of mankind. It is part of our common universal language. We need to nurture and pass it on to the next generation as a heritage of a human culture.

The survival of the species depends on our capacity to feel the pain of others as if it is our own. For this I say Chelsea Manning did a great service to humanity. She taught us all that it is this vulnerable love for our fellow human beings that can overcome the darkness in the world.