Charleston Listens – The Power of Empathy

Imagine a world where escalating discord, decreases to a point of near extinction. A place where people feel connected every day, and can view themselves in another’s shoes, seeing life through a foreign lens. A world where each person feels valuable and necessary to the future of mankind, and thus making a place for themselves in history. Is that world a possibility or a far-fetched dream?

We have never arrived at this world, but I am convinced all things are possible and empathy is the means to get there.

‘Empathy is the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings and letting this knowledge influence our actions.’ Most everyone, deep down, has the capacity for empathy, but just like musical ability, we all have room for improvement.

Some of us play easily, while others struggle with a few notes. What’s important is that we each can play and have our notes combine to make a beautiful symphony.

by Julie Chapman