Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP) Trainin

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP) Certification Outcomes

Those individuals who are certified as Compassion Fatigue Professionals will demonstrate the acquisition of the following knowledge and skills:

Understanding of the historical developments in the field of care giving that gave rise to the concept of compassion fatigueAbility to articulate the etiology of compassion fatigue through its two primary components: secondary traumatic stress and burnout.Clear understanding of the potential symptoms and effects associated with compassion fatigue.Skilled administration and interpretation of compassion fatigue assessment instruments for self and others with primary focus upon the Pro-QOL (Stamm, 2005).Awareness of and ability to narrate one’s own personal/professional history that has lead to negative effects associated with care giving.Understand the role that perceived threat and sympathetic nervous system dominance play in the generation of compassion fatigue symptoms and, conversely, the role of self-regulation in the amelioration of current effects and prevention of future effects.Identify the process of secondary traumatic stress……