Can You Have Too Much Empathy?

Do you believe it is possible to suffer from too much empathy? I take an antidepressant, but I still have to avoid certain movies, news stories, people, and music to prevent the feeling of a relapse. When the feeling does happen, I have to really focus to fight it off.

Still, I think that 99 percent of the time, I am in a good mood. Also, I feel empathy/sympathy even for those who commit terrible crimes, and I would prefer I didn’t.

Heck, my empathy seems to be

I think this increase was born from my depression, but I don’t know how to stop it.

The sight of an elderly/obese/disabled person struggling at a grocery store is very tough on me. I try to help, but I can’t stop from worrying about him or her afterward. I wish I could volunteer to help the less fortunate, but I think it would literally kill me. Even a noninteractive role would force me to think about them. Of that, I seem incapable health-wise.