Can You Be Too Empathic?

Ashely Papa, writer & contributor for FOX News Magazine recently contacted me to psychologically weigh in on the topic of empathy. She wondered if this virtuous quality could ever cause problems within a relationship. As a therapist, the ability to be empathic is an essential skill to have in order to do your job right.

So, what is empathy? It’s the ability to step out of your own experience and emotionally step into and understand the way another person perceives their lives. Most people have this gift, to some degree or another, and in general it’s typically considered a good quality to have. But can empathy ever go too far; especially when it comes to our romantic relationships? Ashley and I sat down to discuss the potential downside of being too empathic.

Ashely: If you’re an empathic person, and even more so with your boyfriend, how might this screw up the relationship?