Call for Presentations The Empathy Project Conference: 2014 Friday 7th November – Sunday 10th November 201 Prague, Czech Republic

Empathy: Imagining the world from the perspective of another or others

Call for Presentations:
The will to understand or to attempt to understand others by imagining what it might feel like to be them; how it might feel to experience the world from their shoes – from inside their skin, is arguably one of the central achievements of humankind. This is the human trait known as ‘empathy’.

It underpins much of our lives – from the ways in which people relate to and care for one another within families and in bigger groups, to the ways in which we communicate with one another through literature, art, film, advertising and digital media. Many professions – from nursing, counselling psychotherapy and medicine, to teaching, product design, architecture, advertising and stand-up comedy, depend at least partly, on empathic skill.

Proposals are invited for individual contributions and for symposia of three closely related papers that address the place that empathy has to play in any area of human life, including:

  • Health and social care.
  • Empathy in storytelling of all kinds, including novels and short stories, theatre; narrative and documentary film; digital storytelling of all kinds.
  • Empathy and the arts.
  • The communications industry, including both print and digital journalism; film, television and radio.
  • Empathy in education.
  • Explorations of empathy in academic research, by, for example, psychologists, philosophers, theologians, nurses, counsellors, teachers and literary theorists.