Business Book Interviews: Organizing through Empathy: Chapter 12: Transcendent Empathy: The Ability to See the Larger System

Keiko Krahnke is Associate Professor of Management; Business Communications at University of Northern Colorado in the Montfort College of Business. Areas of research interests include spirituality and business, systems thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, and corporate citizenship.

Peter Michael Senge is an American scientist and director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management.


“We suggest that empathy is something broader than knowing or feeling another’s psychological or emotional state. The fundamental concept of empathy is to care about another as if you were in the shoes of the other. Our purpose here is to expand this caring to the larger living systems of which we are part.


We propose the notion of “transcendent empathy” as the ability to see these larger systems in time and space, to move beyond mere intellectual understanding to embrace “system sensing” as a doorway to other awareness of what exists now and to future possibilities.”


* Introduction
* Need for Understanding A System:
* *  Towards Seeing Processes, Patterns and Wholes
* * Reflection and Seeing the Real Issues Beyond the Symptoms
* Transcendent Empathy: Empathy As the ability to See the Larger System
* * How Wide Can Out Circle of Compassion Spread – Empathy as Biosphere Consciousness
* * Empathy as the Recognition That We Co create the World
* * Empathy as the Ability to See Connections across Time
* *  Empathy as Organizational Culture
* Rethinking Human Nature and the Concept of Self
* Cultivating Transcendent Empathy