Bullying Prevention For Kids: 4 Steps To Raising An Anti-Bully

Building an anti-bully, on the other hand, means fostering empathy and compassion among young children, to also increase the likelihood they stand up to bullies or stand up for those who are being bullied.


Empathetic kids are able to take the perspective of someone else, even a stranger. Children who lack empathy can turn into hardened, apathetic adults. A 1999 study by Daniel Nagin and Richard Tremblay published for the Society for Research in Child Development found that “aggression in the school environment can inhibit learning and create interpersonal problems for children. Moreover, a high level of childhood aggression is problematic in the long term, as it is a significant predictor of adult criminal behavior and other anti-social behaviors.” We see them as kids and adults all around us. They don’t care about others, only themselves. When they encounter someone in need, they look away.


So what can parents do?