Building Social and Emotional Skills in Elementary Students: Empathy | Project Happiness

In this post, we will explore Empathy. Why is it important to “walk in someone else’s shoes?” According to a study by the Brookings Institution“Higher curriculum standards don’t correlate to higher student achievement; empathy does.”

Empathy is also gaining attention as an important component of emotional intelligence and as a way to reduce bullying. When a person learns to understand and share the feelings of another, the pro-social behavior that results shows up in better relationships, closer friendships and stronger communities — it’s that important!

Here are five steps to cultivate empathy:

Watch & Listen: What is the other person saying, and what is his or her body language?

Remember: When did you feel the same way?

Imagine: How does the other person feel? And how would you feel in that situation?

Ask: Ask what the person is feeling.

Show You Care: Let him or her know that you care through your words and actions.

by Randy Taran