Building Knowledge of Students to Build Teacher Empathy Powerpoint

Building Knowledge of Students to Build Teacher Empathy
Presenter: Susan M. Green

While many schools across the country have adopted social-emotional support programs as a means of managing student behavior, there continues to be a need to improve teacher practice when it comes to relationship building.

Studies have established empathy to be a vital ingredient in building student-teacher relationships as well as improving student behavior and academic outcomes.

The goal of this presentation is to deepen the level of empathy educators have toward their students and their societal plights, in an effort to create optimal learning conditions for the neediest of students to succeed both socially and academically. This presentation will tap into the spiritual side of teaching children, giving value and credence to the humanistic approach to education.

Participants of this presentation will leave with tangible strategies they can begin using immediately to improve the climates within their respective school communities. Suggested reading covers how educators can adopt therapeutic strategies for working with challenging students that do not require them to be a licensed therapist themselves.