BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Pity Party: A Mean-Spirited Diatribe Against Liberal Compassion’

Mr. Voegeli starts his “Pity Party” with the promise of showing “how conservatives could explain their reservations and objections more persuasively.”

It’s an enlightening read throughout, but the author is cruel and makes the reader wait for the last chapter before revealing the unifying strategy on how conservatism can win persuasively against liberalism: “Paradoxically conservatism would oppose liberalism more effectively if they opposed it less fundamentally.”

This sentence puts the philosophic and cultural brilliance of his book directly into political play. It’s worth noting that Mr. Voegeli is not a consultant or messaging guru, but a political theorist at the Claremont Institute. He is one of the best at asking and answering big questions about first principles.

By David DesRosiers