Bill Drayton on the importance of empathy

The single most important skill that every person must have today is empathy, according to Bill Drayton.

Drayton believes that the world will become an Everyone A Changemaker world, meaning people will understand that they can contribute value in their own way, they will organize themselves in teams similar to Google, and each team member will have mastered empathy.

“A simple analogy is a basketball team. When you watch basketball the ball goes to this person. That person makes an instantaneous decision. They have to make a judgment. There’s no team leader telling them what to do. Every team member is trying to help every other team member be the best possible player they can for the game and for all games. That’s what every team is trying to do,” said Drayton.

And in this new way of organizing, empathy is more important than ever.

“Every child must master empathy-based ethics. Why?  Because if you don’t have empathy-based ethics….

by Melissa Ip