Being an empathetic coach 

To be a better coach we need to be more empathetic!

As a coach, you need to develop a willingness to accept the differences in people.  The world would be a boring place if we all thought and behaved in the same way.  It would be dull and monotone if we all looked the same and if we had all done the same things.  It is our differences that make us so interesting to one another.


We, as coaches, have to acknowledge that differences exists within each of us.  We have to be willing to accept that everyone’s experience is true.  True to them.  We can all experience the same event, but we may all interpret it differently.  No one is wrong.  It’s like taking a picture of the same mountain from different positions – it’s not going to be the same picture – maybe similar but not the same.  We have to be ready and willing to accept that it’s ok for people to see things differently.