Avoid ‘selective empathy’ and ‘feel into’ both sides

This story nicely illustrates the phenomenon of selective empathy. The word “empathy” came into the English language in the early 20th century as a translation of the German word “Einfuhlung,” which means “feeling into.”…

I agree with this way of thinking, but I mistrust the selective empathy that seems often to accompany it..

What feeds today’s ugly hyper-partisanship? There are many sources, but an important one is the belief that society is divided into two mutually incompatible groups — the group of me and those like me who stand for truth and justice, and those not like me who stand for the opposite. Notwithstanding its current popularity, this is a deeply wrong-headed way of seeing the world.

Perhaps the most powerful antidote for it is empathy.

by David Blankenhorn