Artist Statement on Empathy – George H Lewis

Profiles in Empathy

Ecological Empathy

Kinesthetic Empathy


For me, one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to make people more visible to one another, to find ways for people to engage, empathize, and learn of each other’s deepest values and concerns. We need to lay the foundations for a new global human identity, one that transcends differences and is predicated on mutual understanding and respect, celebrating the beauty of difference. In short my art is all about Empathy.

My curiosity about the interactions between—and mutual perceptions of—people from different cultures has defined my work as an artist. I focus on the fascinating interplay between cross-cultural, kinesthetic, and ecological empathy. I invite the viewer to contemplate the relationships—and surprising similarities—between diverse cultures. These juxtapositions are part of an ongoing project entitled “Profiles in Empathy” whose aim is to use the medium of art to invite people to view life from an alternative perspective.