ART- VISUAL LANGUAGE OF EMPATHY: Empathy and the act of Artistic Creation

I thought I start my blog with some thoughts on how I see my relationship with art and tthe place of empathy in artistic creation. I believe that art is the universal visual language of empathy. Not empathy as we understand it today, but rather empathy in its original meaning. So let’s talk about how it all began.


Einfühlung, the German word for EMPATHY, means: infeeling. In was first use, in l873 by German psychologist Robert Vischer, Einfühlung names the placing of human feelings into inanimate things, plants, animals, or other humans in a specific way. So originally Einfühlung fused a human’s experience with an object’s experience that it no longer felt like the human’s own experience but instead like that of the object.


by Danuta Bennett