» Are You Gentle WIth Yourself? The Case for Self-Compassion in Families – Parenting Tips

Self-compassion is better for our health and well-being than self-esteem, bringing more empathy and less harsh self-criticism…


Most of us have been taught far less about the importance of having compassion for ourselves as well. A newly emerging set of research studies have demonstrated that having self-compassion has many benefits. These include reducing self-criticism, lowering stress hormones in our body, increasing our capacity to comfort ourselves and to be more resilient in the face of life’s challenges, and helping us to heal from difficult childhoods.


A person high in self-compassion sees his or her problems, weaknesses, and shortcomings accurately, yet reacts with kindness and compassion rather than with harsh judgment. What exactly is self-compassion and how is it different from self-esteem?