Are Empathetic Teenagers More Likely To Be Intentionally Successful?

Is There A Positive Correlation Between Empathy And Success?
by Ugo Uche 

Teenagers who are more empathetic do a much better job in embracing failure, because there is little ego involved in their tasks, and setbacks while disappointing are rarely seen as a failures, but rather as a learning experience about an approach that does not work for the task at hand.

The process of teaching or guiding teenagers towards being more empathetic, is a two fold and creative process.

The first portion of the process is to help students recognize and understand the continuum of how their seemingly ordinary everyday behaviors influence others near and far. The second portion is to help teenagers recognize their ability to become empowered to help themselves and others. As for techniques, that is a creative process entirely up to parents, guardians, clinicians and educators.