Animal abuse a ‘red flag’ for family violence |

We can reduce violence in our families and communities if we pay more attention to the abuse of animals, says a prominent US expert.


The internationally acclaimed lecturer and author is also to deliver the conference’s keynote speech on ‘Empathy Education’.

“There’s no doubting the link between animal abuse and violence towards our own species. Study after study shows a high incidence of animal abuse in the childhood histories of violent criminals and in the lives of families affected by violence, be it towards partners, children or elders.


“It’s also increasingly clear that animal abuse can act as a ‘red flag’ for the likelihood of violence towards humans..


 “This year’s conference will be devoted to ‘The Link’, a term covering both the empathetic relationship between animals and ourselves and the much darker connection between animal abuse and violence to humans,”


The 23rd NZ Companion Animal Conference 2012  ;