An Awfully Big Blog Adventure: The Empathy Map (Part 1)

Empathy Maps may be familiar to those who work in copywriting or marketing, but the concept was a totally new one to me.

The map above might look a little like an alien’s guide to the human condition, as if an intelligent life form has just been beamed down to Earth and wants to analyse and categorise the amorphous seething mass of firing neurons inside a human mind – but essentially, an Empathy Map is a business tool; a “guide to putting yourself in your customer’s head,” in order to sell something to a consumer more effectively by triggering their emotions.

As a salesperson, you would make a list in all the four boxes – what does this person think (when they see my product) – what do they see? How do they feel, and what then will they do (with my product?)

 by Tess Berry-Hart