THE EMPATHY CODE: “A framework for empathy exercises” eBook: James Kazadi

“No more philosophy about empathy.  Let just illustrate it with drawings, games and examples”

In this book, I first define an empathy exercise as an exercise where participants are artificially set up to interact in a way that they can only succeed if they put themselves in the shoes of other. The environment in which this happens can be physical, virtual or both. The interaction can be in most field that human being engage with.

I then argue that we will only be able to usher the empathy revolution that is so needed by the world today if we artificially create empathy exercises or transform some existing human interactions into empathy exercise. This is because people can ONLY acquire empathy through practice and not theory. To create empathy exercises or in other word to create human interactions that are artificially set up in a way that participants can only succeed if they put themselves in the shoes of others IS NO EASY TASK! Where would we even start and how can we go about it in a systematic way?

This book answers this question by providing a clear and graphic nomenclature for creating empathy exercise that is easy to understand.