AIMU Places Value on Teaching Empathy to Medical Students

Medical students are tasked with learning many skills during the course of their education and AIMU makes sure that empathy is one of those skills.


It is not just medical schools that are taking note of the importance of empathy training either. It is affecting the medical field in general. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is undergoing revisions to more directly address the humanistic aspects of medicine. It aims to promote a more holistic approach to care. Students will have to answer more questions that are based in the behavioral sciences, social sciences, and humanities starting in 2015. Traditionally the test has focused mainly on the physical and biological sciences.

“Empathy is a skill that is valuable not only to medical professionals but to everyone,” says a representative of AIMU. “It helps to build stronger connections and promote trust and understanding. For doctors, making the patient the primary focus of care is important. Ensuring that they are treated with compassion and sensitivity can benefit their overall health and well-being.” AIMU prepares medical students to work with diverse populations and instills in them the knowledge, skills, and values that they need to become successful.