Ackademe Fur Empathie: Empathy 3.0 – a way out of the “empathy paradox”?

Empathy is popular nowadays and therefore in the business world and beyond on the rise. 

More and more studies show that emphatic co-workers  and especially executives bring a high economic value to their businesses with them. However, although the demands for greater empathy and empathy promotion are getting louder, is on the practical implementation of a general decline of empathy observed – the “empathy paradox”

Even an increasing dominance of “anti-empathic” value orientations can be observed especially in the top business. Studies even that a huge proportion of executives psychopathic – ie free of any compassion and repentance – is classified. A major reason for this trend: the increasing constant stress of the power and consumer society, which in the steady increase in psychiatric disorders, such as burn-out, shows up and highly “empathy-locking” effect. 


How can it be that …
 so little empathy is implemented?


Karim Fathi