About the campaign | The Empathy Era

Only a third of successful performance at work is due to technical skill, while two thirds is due to emotional competence and empathy skills.


Empathy is a natural social resource that has been left untapped by an outdated corporate model of stats and number-crunching forecasts. The corporate world is an ‘empathic wasteland’  in need of rehabilitation. Women’s skills and intuition are key to unleashing empathy’s potential to transform corporate culture.

Over the last six months, Lady Geek has been speaking to a range of the most empathic people in the world – from buddhist monks to hostage negociators and FTSE 100 CEOs. Operating profit is 56 percent higher in companies with women on corporate boards according to McKinsey. Society, is urging its favourite brands and companies to enter into an emotional relationship with both their customers and the world at large.

This campaign aims to provide the tools and insight to guide companies through the empathy revolution.