A Less Discussed Take on Cyberbullying: Building the Culture of Empathy

October was the national bullying prevention month in the United States and the media paid significant attention to the issue, with even Monica Lewinsky joining the anti-bullying campaign in an effort to end the culture of humiliation. Some anti-bullying campaigners criticized her involvement saying it would set back their cause because of Lewinsky’s tainted background. …

Efforts at creating the culture of empathy, on the other hand, receive far less public attention.

One such effort is The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s partnership with Facebook aimed at helping the company to foster empathy among its users.

“The way our brains work, we have evolved to understand each other by tone of voice or seeing facial expressions, but that gets lost through the devices we use to communicate,” a Facebook employee working on Facebook Protect and Care Team, told the New York Times.

Tijana Milosevic